The 1993 Design of Design Request

designofdesign request letter 1993The five members of the Society of Newspaper Design European Flying Seminar wanted to create an educational project that would highlight newspaper designs around the world.  On Jan. 24, 1993 we sent hundreds of letters to newspapers around the world and waited. We asked for a copy of the newspaper for Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1003.  In addition, we sent along an information sheet that requested information about the paper’s design, staff size and circulation.

Those papers, which poured into The Arizona Republic were photographed as slides and put into binders — four very large binders.  Other than some use during the European Flying Seminar tour and a few other presentations those images have been hidden until now.

We had plans, including a book, to raise money for the newly established Society of Newspaper Design Foundation.  While those grand plans didn’t materialize, this website is a chance to share those images and dozens of notes about design and images of newsrooms.

Here’s the PDF of the letter to one of the newspapers: designofdesign request letter 1993

The European Flying Seminar Faculty, 1993 (and their 1993 jobs)

Howard I Finberg
Assistant Managing Editor
The Arizona Republic

Deborah Withey
Design Director
Detroit Free Press

Bill Ostendorf
Director of Photography
Providence, R.I. Journal Bulletin

Norvall Skrein
Director, SND/Scandinavia

Juan Antonio Giner
Director, SND/Spain


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