Day of Design: 20 Years of Newspaper Design

Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago, Ill.

The Chicago Sun-Times is an American daily tabloid published in Chicago, Ill. It is the flagship paper of Wrapports LLC and its Sun-Times Media Group subsidiary.

The Chicago Sun-Times is the oldest continuously published daily newspaper in the city. It began in 1844 as the Chicago Evening Journal, which was the first newspaper to falsely publish the rumor that a cow was responsible for the Great Chicago Fire. The modern paper grew out of the 1948 merger of the Chicago Sun, founded in 1941, and the Chicago Daily Times.

Source: Wikipedia

This paper has an image in the gallery American Airlines Flight 191 Crash (1979).



565,000 circulation

300 staff

1993 Frontpage
Chicago Sun-Times front page from Feb. 10, 1993
See a newsroom photo from 1993


432,455 circulation

N/A staff

2013 Frontpage
Chicago Sun-Times front page from Feb. 10, 2013 (Or Feb. 8 page)