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Istanbul, Turkey

Hürriyet  is a high-circulationTurkish newspaper.  Hürriyet was founded by Sedat Simavi on May 1, 1948.

Hürriyet has regional offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Antalya and Trabzon, as well as a news network comprising 52 offices and 600 reporters in Turkey and abroad, all affiliated with Doğan News Agency, which primarily serves newspapers and television channels that are under the management of Doğan Yayın Holding. Hürriyet is printed in six cities in Turkey and in Frankfurt, Germany.

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N/A circulation

N/A staff

1993 Frontpage
Hürriyet front page from Feb. 10, 1993


406,978 circulation

N/A staff

2013 Frontpage
Hürriyet front page from Feb. 10, 2013 (Or Feb. 8 page)