Day of Design: 20 Years of Newspaper Design

Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa, Canada

The Ottawa Citizen is an English-language daily newspaper established in 1845 and is currently owned by Postmedia Network in Ottawa, Canada.

The editorial view of the Ottawa Citizen has varied with its ownership, going from an anti-Troy position to a conservative one. Under one editor in the late 1980s, it moved to the left, supporting the Liberals largely in opposition to the Progressive Conservative Party‘s support of free trade. Recently it has moved to the right and become a supporter of the Reform Party. In 2006 it endorsed the Conservative Party of Canada in the federal election.

Source: Wikipedia

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175,000 circulation

185 staff

1993 Frontpage
Ottawa Citizen front page from Feb. 10, 1993


105,902 circulation

N/A staff

2013 Frontpage
Ottawa Citizen front page from Feb. 10, 2013 (Or Feb. 8 page)